Ilkeston - A Different Angle On Christmas
w/e 17 December 2006
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Town Hall

I've previously shown images of many aspects of Christmas from shopping trips to Christmas lights and rides on "Santa Special" steam trains to Nativity scenes but this year I tried for a different "angle" on Christmas. With "angle" being the operative word I let my artistic bent have full reign and walking in an anti-clockwise direction around Ilkeston's Market Place, tried for some unusual shots from various angles. (I promise I wasn't drunk when I took these photos but I know, I know, I'll stick to the usual stuff in future!) This first one is looking up at the "Season's Greetings" message in lights above the Town Hall balcony.
Wharncliffe Road

Various angles here as the horizontal lines of the brickwork and windows of the Co-Op contrast with the triangular shapes of the Christmas tree decorations on the building and the spire of the United Reformed Church on Wharncliffe Road all pointing vertically to the sky.
South Street

Another angled view here of an older part of the Co-Op complex and the decorative lights strung across the top of South Street seen against a grey sky.

Moving across the Market Place and tilting the camera at another angle, we can see here a number of trees both real and artificial. The real trees that grow in front of the library have finally lost their leaves, although they were very late in doing so this year, but have gained strings of coloured lights whilst the one on the right is the town's main Christmas tree. Although real, it is devoid of roots and like the decorative one (of two) attached to the library wall, will be removed early in the new year.
Street Lamps

More leafless trees strewn with strings of blue lights line the church wall and vie for attention with the street lamps painted in the Erewash Borough colours.
Church Tower

But the truth of the matter is, whichever angle you look at Christmas, they should all lead, like the star here halfway up the tower of St Mary's Church, to the stable in Bethlehem where our Saviour was born over 2000 years ago. After all, it is His birthday that we are celebrating.

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